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Dean Borchardt, owner and directory of Atlantic Plumbing in Cape Town

By: Kelly-Ann Prinsloo – writer

Dean Borchardt, owner and directory of Atlantic Plumbing in Cape Town, started his company in 2001 with nothing but his trusty VW Beetle and a toolbox

Borchardt, who has always enjoyed working with his hands, is a practical person. His career began in 1997 when he was lucky enough to be offered an apprenticeship at Aqua Plumbing, one of Cape Town’s leading plumbing companies. Four years later, his apprenticeship recently completed, he set off to carve out a niche for himself. It was then that he founded Atlantic Plumbing.

Atlantis rising
As the owner/director of Atlantic Plumbing, Borchardt’s duties include overseeing the staff members and the company’s numerous projects, ensuring the smooth running of day-to-day tasks, and maintaining good customer relations, a duty he particularly enjoys. “Being able to work with people and being able to offer a valuable service has always appealed to me.”

Borchardt is a qualified plumber, registered with the Institute of Plumbing South Africa (IOPSA), the Plumbing Industry Regulation Board (PIRB), the Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa (SESSA) and the City of Cape Town. He is also a qualified heat pump and solar installer.

Borchardt thoroughly enjoys his job and being involved in the “vibrant and never-boring construction industry”.

In the future
Borchardt would like green technology to become more prevalent in the plumbing industry and to see environmentally-friendly products being embraced by his peers.

“I like to infuse the ‘old school’ work ethic with ‘new school’ technology,” said Borchardt of his work philosophy. He always tries to offer his customers the best service available which means treating people with respect, being dependable, following through on every aspect of the job and adding a personal touch to everything he and his employees do. “Lots of hard work, dedication and passion have gotten me where I am today.”

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