Dawn Ltd: Doing business in Africa

Dawn is one of the South African plumbing industry’s biggest players, with many subsidiaries and a massive footprint on South Africa and the African continent as a whole. In the interest of sharing information and expertise, Shelley Galliver, Dawn International’s marketing and business development director, shares with us the company’s history in the African continent.

In how many African countries does Dawn have a presence?
Currently Dawn has a presence in a number of African countries. The easiest way to look at it is breaking it down into manufacturing and trading.

On the manufacturing side, Dawn has a presence through DPI International, in the following manufacturing facilities and countries:
• NPC in Namibia
• PIPEX in Botswana
• DPI Simba in Tanzania
• Fibrex in Angola
• Aqualia-DPI in Mauritius
• Aqua Science and Technologies in Mauritius

On the trading side, we have Dawn Africa branches in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Tanzania, DRC, Angola, and South Africa (which exports to countries where we don’t have a branch on the ground). NPC also has a trading division.

So overall Dawn has shown a huge commitment to not only sell product into Africa, but build companies in country which helps the local economies prosper as well. Dawn is an African business, not just a South African business.

How long has Dawn been involved in business in African countries?
This varies greatly in each business. But we have had a presence in Africa for a number of years; this is not a new initiative. But we are focusing on Africa as a group, as we believe there is still so much to do on the continent and where South Africa is not showing the growth we would like to see, many of these African countries are showing significant GDP growth. This growth presents opportunities to develop our businesses and to sell our products.

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