CDAA on track with all projects

CDAA on track with all projects

By Dineo Phoshoko

The Copper Development Association Africa (CDAA) held its annual general meeting (AGM) on 25 May 2017 to discuss important issues, which included the organisation’s year-end financial statements, the election of an external auditor, and an update on the various projects in which the CDAA is involved.

Former Springbok rugby player and coach Nick Mallet was invited to the AGM as a guest speaker. Most of those in attendance were members of the organisations.

Chairperson of the CDAA, Evert Swanepoel, started the proceedings by acknowledging those in attendance. He expressed his gratitude at everyone who made an effort to attend despite their busy schedules. He also gave a special thanks to members from Durban and Kimberly who came to the meeting. Swanepoel was followed by Bob Kempthorne, secretary of the CDAA, who discussed the organisation’s annual financial statements for the 2016 financial year.

With all the formalities done, there was an update of all the activities that the CDAA has been involved in since November 2016. First to be discussed was the aquaculture project, where growth trials for the finfish in Richards Bay have been taking place. The project was expected to be completed at the end of June 2017, whereupon no further testing will be conducted. The promotion of copper cages would still continue as a project for the CDAA, though.

The next project discussed was where the CDAA is supplying antimicrobial copper to eight clinics that are being built. The antimicrobial products are mainly brass products, which include taps, light switches, and door handles, among others. The project is on track and as soon as the products have been installed, the CDAA will share pictures of the installations. The CDAA is also in discussion with Eskom to provide antimicrobial copper products to Eskom’s mobile buses that travel through rural areas to promote health. In addition, the Hospital Association of South Africa Conference is taking place in September 2017 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, and the CDAA will be exhibiting at the conference.

CDAA 002
IDC industry development manager Ganief Bardien during his presentation on industry effort. Image credit: Rory Macnamara

The CDAA has taken on a new HVAC venture, being microgroove tubing and heat exchangers technology. The organisation is in communication with the University of Pretoria to have two professional engineers give presentations on HVAC. Something else to look forward to is the FRIGAIR exhibition in 2018, where the CDAA will be exhibiting. The CDAA has a continuing relationship with the Electrical Contracting Board of South Africa (ECBSA), where Tony McDonald conducts workshops on electrical safety across South Africa. CDAA members can attend the workshops for free.

The organisation continues to work with the Institute of Plumbing South Africa (IOPSA) to improve the way products are being tested in the industry, with IOPSA having established new testing facilities. The CDAA is also working on a video that will demonstrate how soldering of copper tubing is done. The video will be for the benefit of plumbers and once complete, it will be available on Copper Tubing Africa and on the CDAA’s website. Work is still being done to sort out the SABS 10252 specification on plumbing: the last update was on the organisation’s position on corporate governance, where the CDAA assured members that the relationship with the governing bodies remained intact.

Having difficult but achievable targets are also important in being successful.

Following the update, the CDAA handed out membership certificates to members who have been with the organisation for a significant number of years. Alvern Cables, ECB, and Walro Flex received five-year membership certificates. Other members have been part of the CDAA for 10 years, but unfortunately could not attend the meeting.

The Independent Development Corporation (IDC) was up next with a presentation on industry effort, presented by Ganief Bardien who is the industry development manager at IDC. Bardien explained that his main function is to look for funding opportunities and to investigate opportunities for creating new industries or expanding on existing ones. He added that most funding opportunities were found in Gauteng and the Western Cape because of the magnitude of industrial areas in these provinces. Bardien also highlighted the importance of not only investing money into the country’s economy, but also into the various regions. “We want to play a leading role in industrial development, especially in this time,” explained Bardien.

CDAA 003
Former Springbok coach Nick Mallet during his speech at the CDAA AGM. Image credit: Rory Macnamara

Mallet was the final speaker and at the beginning of his speech, he admitted to knowing very little about copper. The majority of Mallet’s speech was around leadership and teamwork. He used the game of rugby and his time as a coach to explain a few valuable points. “I think one of the key parts of being a decent leader or coach is you need to have good communication skills,” he said. He also mentioned the importance of teamwork, doing things correctly, and mutual respect. “If you get that right, it’s really easy to be successful.” Another important point Mallet mentioned was that it is essential for leaders to give credit where it is due. “When you pass on credit as a leader, it’s a really good way of dispersing jealousy within the team.” Mallet further added that having difficult but achievable targets are also important in being successful. At the end of his speech, Mallet expressed his passion for rugby. “I’ve had unbelievable experiences in rugby and I think that it has opened doors to different cultures and different languages. To be paid for the whole of your life to do what you would do anyway for free is an extraordinary thing, and I’ve been fortunate to be in that situation,” he concluded.

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