Plumbdrain 2018, already on a roll!

Rather than a one-dimensional display exhibition, the focus for Plumbdrain 2018 will be on the technical aspects, which is essentially what the industry is about.

Held at Expo Centre Nasrec, from 15 to 18 August 2018, we encourage both professionals and trades to experience and understand the material, fittings and technology behind what is on offer, as well as the mandatory standards that apply to the plumbing industry.

Plumbdrain skills simulation 25
Caption: Plumbers demonstrating preparation and installation of a urinal.

Remaining co-located with Interbuild, this exposes professionals and trade to the intricacies of plumbing and pipe technology. It has been proven in the past that exhibits that have a three-dimensional approach, such as enabling visitors to see, feel and touch, carries far more retention in the visitor’s mind than just a display of products.

Only through this method will the message of good plumbing and high standards get the attention it deserves. Even if some of the trade visitors are not qualified, Plumbdrain provides the perfect opportunity to encourage progress towards becoming a qualified plumber, solar installer, heat pump installer and so on.

The exhibition provides the perfect platform to demonstrate and showcase compliance and therefore reinforce competitiveness in the marketplace. We have positioned the stands in such a way that the service ducts run under each stand therefore preventing pipes being exposed and spoiling the stands.

Setting up an active stand requires forward planning, so let’s talk. Lets talk

Let’s get rid of one negative that is more of an excuse than an objection – non-compliant countries and companies. Those who do not abide by the mandatory standards of South Africa related to plumbing, will not be permitted to exhibit at Plumbdrain!

Having said that, this is a public event and excluding people may be viewed as anti-competitive. Therefore, exhibiting countries and companies with new products will need to get approval and be marked with the SABS/SANS standard, should they wish to sell in South Africa.  

Interbuild has mandatory standards which will need to be applied for should a country or company wish to do business in the local building or construction sector.


Dale Macnamara: 082-418-3349 / 

Zeldalee Du Toit: 011-579-4940 /

Plumbdrain skills simulation  15
Caption: Plumbers demonstrating preparation and installation of a urinal.

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