WSE is making cyber waves…

Water, Sewage and Effluent (WSE) is finally entering the 21st Century as we establish our own web presence!


The publication is in the process of undergoing a major re-vamping exercise, where we are looking closely at what our readers want, what the industry needs to know and how we need to present all of this in an entertaining, palatable and informative medium.

We already operate across all media platforms, including print, the social media arena and, until now, working through the Plumbing Africa online portal to publish water-industry news and establish a presence.

But this is all changing!

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Come 1 September, WSE will have its own website, dedicated to all things water-related.

This poses some difficulties, as the water sector is fraught with obstacles, from ailing infrastructure to departments that are at odds with each other, financial issues and a dwindling, mismanaged water resource.

WSE do not profess to be all things to everyone, so, moving forward, we are going to categorise the water sector into main sections that can then be sub-divided to cover a variety of different topics in different issues to promote information dissemination.

Selected articles that appear in the printed publication will also appear online, as will daily news items sourced from around our blue globe, alongside interviews and discussion forums.


That said, this is also a ‘work in progress’ as we fine tune the platform. These are the initial categories we have decided on:

Within these categories we will cover a variety of subjects including environment, industry experts’ profiles, comment, case studies, technical innovations among others.

This offers excellent editorial angles for contributors and experts, while manufacturers and suppliers are offered the opportunity to showcase their product lines within the various categories.

We are super excited about this website going live and we trust that you will be as well.

Feel free to contribute to the content by contacting the editor, Kim Kemp on: We hope to see your contribution and input online soon!

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