By George Maritz, GK Water Solutions

Plumbing as a trade is well-known, with plumbers operating in different areas within the industry. Some plumbers focus on new construction projects and new installations, some focus on maintenance and others may focus on municipal work. These are all different from each other and require a specific mindset and expertise, mainly gained through experience in that specific area of plumbing.

The facts of the matter

There is a great deal of chuntering going on within the industry concerning various bodies and activities in the industry. Discussions such as this is good, but most of the time it is not what is said but how and where it is said.

Guilty as charged!

By Rory Macnamara

For all the people, companies, engineers, and contractors in the plumbing supply chain know this: No person may import, sell or supply a commodity, product or service to which a compulsory specification applies, except in accordance with that specification.

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