Service, service, service!

By Rory Macnamara

The only way to keep customers is to provide excellent service.

A pretty obvious statement to which we all subscribe, but do we actually apply it and drill down to ensuring everyone is applying it?

Allow me to share two of my own good and bad service experiences.

Waiting to catch a plane to Durban to board a ship

The plane carried just over 200 passengers and the ship just over 2 000. The airline, Mango, was delayed and showed total disinterest that some 34 flight passengers were to board the same ship later on. The ship, MSC Sinfonia, was made aware of this and it ended up departing 30 minutes later than scheduled, because Mango just could not comprehend the knock-on effect of its delay.

Apart from the usual waffle from Mango (now named ‘Pawpaw’ in my mind), they just did not understand the urgency. These things happen, we say, and glibly carry on allowing poor service to continue.

Thinking of installing solar

I contacted someone who sounded assured of his ability to understand our needs and to know the good and the bad features of every product. When I asked him about his qualifications, his confidence waned. I probed whether he was a member of IOPSA and PIRB and if he had completed their offered training, or even the Kwikot course. At this stage, he was turning into a grease spot. The final straw was my mentioning Plumbing Africa and my involvement — he promptly left my house. His claims were one thing, but his honesty proved to be everything but honest. He was no loner, but part of a substantial company who will remain nameless, as they have corrected this issue. However, they lost a sale, because trust was lost. Another company was brought in that handled our requirement the correct way, with after sales follow-up and checking.

The point is: customers are your bread and butter, not a hit and run commodity. That customer — if treated correctly — can become a great source of income. From our last issue we explained how the upselling can do wonders for one’s business, but with upselling comes the responsibility to serve the customer well and with the right attitude.

“Our attitude towards others determines their attitude towards us.” (Earl Nightingale, author and motivational speaker.)

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