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The South African Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC) has issued a notice, warning banking customers of a new scam, where businesses receive an email/letter informing them that a particular supplier has changed their bank account details. The scammers will include details of the new account and the recipient will then be asked to make future payments into the new account.

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High-pressure cleaning - jetting and nozzles

By Octopus Electronics | All images Octopus Electronics

Second to downtime for equipment breakdowns, the next most expensive is an unsuccessful job. The wasted time in monetary values and damage from loss of customer confidence can be impossible to recover.

Jetting with the right tools will accomplish jobs that other methods cannot. Your jetting equipment can fail to perform tough jobs if you have invested in undersized equipment or haven’t added the right tools to your kit.

Customers have also become smart — the internet as well as social media have provided the average consumer with the ability to not only find a service provider, but also all the information to know what service is best for the problem they are experiencing.

Of course, all investments should provide a financial return, and jetting tools are no different. If your strategy is correct, a jetting service has the potential to be the most profitable part of your business.

“One size does not fit all and using the right jetter nozzle for the job is critical to success.”

Having said that, the nozzle is the most important part of the jetter. Without a nozzle, the jetter just doesn’t do its job. Just as bald or flat tyres can affect one’s driving, a worn or improper nozzle can have a real and dramatic effect on drain cleaning.

Nozzle wear

As nozzles wear, not only do they get larger — possibly reducing the pressure of your machine — they also lose efficiency. A concentrated water jet from a new nozzle will clean better and faster, saving you time and fuel. Workplace efficiency can add millions of rands to the bottom line of huge corporations, but it can be the difference between profit and loss for small business. A contractor can lose everything, including work hours and possibly even the customer, if the proper equipment is not on the job site. Having the proper tool attached to the end of your jetting hose can make all the difference.

Improper sizing Proper application

The size of the nozzle is very important to a jetter’s performance. Very simply put, proper application means: using the right tool and size for the job. One size does not fit all and using the right jetter nozzle for the job is critical to success.

We recommend the following:

  1. Replace your nozzles often; if they look worn out they probably are. Some companies like Octopus Electronics have a repair facility that allows for the servicing of various nozzles and the replacing of nozzle inserts.
  2. Learn to use the right nozzle for each situation as this is always recommended.
  3. Consider investing a little more in nozzles with high-efficiency jets or ceramic inserts. There are even nozzle-bodies designed to direct water to the orifice, reducing turbulence.
  4. Consider investing in specialty tools designed for specific common jobs like root cutting or grease removal.

Different nozzles for different applications

Chisel point nozzle

Chisel point nozzle

The punching nozzle is a tool for solving heavy blockages of all kinds. These are mineral deposits, ice, mud, sand and grease. It is also very suitable for dissolving roots. In addition, the sharp edges penetrate with their kinetic energy like a chisel which rips and cuts roots free.

Grenade Bomb

Grenade Bomb

The grenade bomb nozzle cleans the circumference of a pipe (grease, seal skin) while remaining in the centre of the pipe. When the nozzle is withdrawn, heavy soiling (gravel, sand and deposits) is also released and the pipe is completely cleaned.



The flounder floats extremely quickly, so large deposits of sand, gravel, stones or grease on the channel bottom of the pipe are cleared away. A deep cleansing in highly water-bearing ducts is also possible (no float). You also need less water due to the large washing capacity.

Ejector nozzle

Ejector nozzle

Casings and runners made of VA – a specific high-grade of stainless steel. Recommended working pressure 100 to 130 bar. Maximum permissible pressure 200 bar. Ejectors gently remove sand, mud, gravel, etc. from the tube floor. The ejector must be immersed in water and can be used in locations which are difficult to reach (e.g., culverts) or in sensitive systems.

Spider chain slingers

Spider chain slingers

You can remove roots, mineral deposits and other blockages in pipes with diameters of 80‒900mm. Renovations often begin with a round cleaning of the pipe: the easiest way to do this is with a spider chain slinger. The change slinger uses fresh water or exceptionally well filtered water. This can also be used for removing encrustations, root growth and roughening of the pipe walls, especially before pipe repair workings.


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